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Making Room for Purpose

2016 is here and it’s time to get serious. I’ve been sporadic at best with my blogging, but in 2016 I have committed to two other women who mean the world to me that I will blog weekly, and so I’m going to do it. For them. 52 blog entries comin’ atcha with maybe even a few extras here and there!  But let’s not get crazy.

There have been many posts in the Facebook groups I’m in about dreaming big in 2016, going for it, and bravely pursuing what we believe is our purpose.  I’m totally stoked to do that and am all in and willing to be brave- but for me it comes back to what I talked about in my first post, the fact that I’m not really sure what my purpose is at this juncture. It’s not like it is for some people who know deep down what they want to do and the only thing holding them back is fear. For me, it’s about marching bravely forward and refining my life to make room for purpose and trusting that it will come.

I am committing to blogging weekly, hopefully growing as a writer and connecting with other writers. I don’t know if it will bear any fruit, but this is something I need to do for myself just know that I tried so I will never wonder what would have happened if I did and if God could have used it.

I am committing to be brave and go big with my Noonday business. This scares the pants off of me because I could very easily fail- it seems like a very real possibility, almost an inevitability.  I could send message after message asking friends to host and never get a “yes.”  I could do dozens of trunk shows and never have a  month with enough sales to hit any rewards levels. It feels frighteningly certain at this point that I will give it my all and come up short. But God has put this in front of me and I’m going to give it my all. For Him, for me, and for our artisan partners around the world who need any sales I can get them.

I’m committing to making my home a place where stuff can happen. I’m seeing that our home, this place we bought almost three years ago and are slowly making over into a place that fits us and meets our needs, is a place where amazing things happen if we open our doors. So Jeff and I are renewing our commitment to finishing projects, furnishing everything comfortably, and I’m committing to continuing to up my housekeeping game so it’s a place that is relaxing for all of us to be.

I’m committing to make fitness and my figure NOT be an issue.  I am going to work out three times a week. I want to get stronger and more healthy and I want to drop a clothing size so that it’s easier to find things that fit and look good on me and that’s one less thing I have to be self-conscious about.

I’m committing to continuing to grow in worshiping through music.  The end of last year brought the opportunity for me to actually lead the worship team at my church one Sunday a month and also to re-connect with a worship group that I love singing with led by a worship leader I really believe in. I’m committing to growing through both of those things in whatever way the Lord has planned for me.

I’m committing most of all to continue figuring out what building my days around connection to the Lord looks like. And that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t know what that looks like, I’m going to try to open up and let Him take the lead on that.

All of this to make room for purpose. To try to clear my life of clutter and struggle and create fertile ground for God’s plan to take hold.  I don’t want to be so burdened down with my own issues and tripped up by my own strongholds that I miss a call or am too tangled up to follow.  And I pray that there is a call. I pray for purpose. I want purpose. I want significance, I want to matter.  And I want to see it on this side of eternity, I want it to all make sense. Maybe that’s selfish, but I’m boldly asking for it.

OK, that’s all I got!




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