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Time to Plug In

The need for connection to the Father who created me is never fully silent, but lately I’ve been feeling the tug on my heart even more strongly.  The distance between heaven and earth has felt more palpable to me lately and I’ve had an ache in my heart to close the gap. When one is busy being a wife and a mom, sometimes it feels like even communion with God Himself needs to take a number behind the dishes, laundry, “Mommy, UP PWEEZE” and “MOMMY! YOH NOT LISTENING TO ME!!!” Moms are notorious for having a hard time prioritizing self-care and for me, devoting the time to dig into connection with God has been among the many casualties.

This weekend, I read something on Instagram that really encouraged me to go ahead and follow God down this rabbit hole I’ve heard Him whispering to my heart about.  Stephanie “Honey” Holden and her husband, Pastor Nick Holden, are among a growing collection of people who I probably never would have heard of if it weren’t for what basically amounts to Six Degrees of Noonday Collection. Stephanie is a big Noonday Collection supporter who a lot of Ambassadors follow in Instagram (and some know personally, although I’m not among their number) and  #HoneyandThePreacher, as the Holdens have hashtagged themselves, have invited their Instagram followers into their marriage and family in the most warm, sparkly, and fun way and once you follow them on Instagram, your feed will get just a little bit brighter.

And shining brightly was exactly what Pastor Nick was talking about in this post that was totally a kick in the britches for me.

The Lord of glory and grace placed us where we are for a reason. The key now • is to stay plugged in to Him • that we may SHINE.


There is so much wonderfulness wrapped up in those words.  The reminder that, in this season where my life’s original to-do list is behind me (college, teaching, marriage, kids) and I stand with the path before me still shrouded in the morning fog (James 4:13-17) for which this blog is named, that I am standing where I am for a reason. That God is already at work, His plan is already in action, and my next steps will flow from where I am. There is also the promise that as long as I stay plugged into Him, I will shine just as He needs me to,  I never need to wonder if I’ll have what it takes.

But sandwiched in between those two is the key for me, another reminder- permission, really- to step into what God has been whispering to my heart about lately. “..stay plugged in to Him.”   And the metaphor just keeps on giving, because SHINE is what we are all called to do. To shine brightly like a city on a hill, to not hide our light, to show our Father in Heaven to those around us- and all lights’ve gotta be connected to their source in one way or another (in this day of cordless and solar charged, the “plugged in” metaphor doesn’t *entirely* play, but everything has to get its power from some source that must be replenished somehow).

So in the weeks to come, I’m giving myself permission to prioritize digging in to connecting with God- pursuing the connection itself and also seeking a rhythm and a framework that enables me to tap more readily into that connection on a daily basis, something to keep me soldiering on through the desert seasons and grounded on the mountaintops. If we are being totally honest, it wasn’t anything I was ever super great at in my pre-kid days either- but “You’ve never been very good at it anyway, why start now?” sounds an awful lot like something enemy of my soul might whisper to me to keep me in chains, so I’m having exactly none of that. I have some ideas…some plans…some things that already work and some things I’m committed to trying. But mostly, I want to follow GOD HIMSELF into this.  He knows me better than I do, not only did He create me in the first place and knows my innermost being,  He created me specifically for this connection with Him. He has a road map, a game plan for how He and I can meet and spend time together in just our very own way, unique to the two of us and to the particular season of life He has crafted for me and led me into.

So here goes! I’m about to put down this computer and pick up a Bible Study, y’all. Have a blessed week!




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  1. This is AMAZING Tori!!! Thank you for the wise reminder and transparency. ❤️❤️❤️

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