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When Social Media Lies About Friendship


Let me set the scene for you:

It’s Saturday night. The kids are in bed, you’re sitting on the couch in your jammies with a cup of tea or decaf coffee. Or wine. Or straight whiskey on the rocks.  Whatever floats your boat.

You’re scrolling through your social media feed and seeing posts showing what everyone else is up to this weekend.

One friend is out with a group of other girls, having drinks.  #LoveTheseGirls #GirlsNightOut

Another is in Vegas with her besties from college #MomsWeekendAway #VegasBaby

Someone else is bragging about this crew of women she can always count on #rideordie #squadgoals

Your favorite blogger posted on Insta about a life-affirming coffee date she had with one of her favorite people earlier in the week. #blessed #relationshipsareeverything

Then you see that a group of YOUR FRIENDS have gotten together for a birthday and didn’t include you #HBDJen #Bestiesforlife

And there you sit. Alone. Just you (and maybe Carlo Rossi or Jack Daniels or Earl Grey), looking around the friendscape of your own life and finding it to be pretty bleak.

Nobody called to invite you anywhere this weekend. Or last weekend. Or the weekend before that.

If you had decided to up and go out yourself, you’re not even sure who you would have called.

Maybe you’ve got some anxieties gripping your heart and mind and you’re not sure you could have gotten up the gumption to go or would have had to leave early, even if you had been invited.

You think back to rejections and betrayals in your past, the hurts come rushing back and start to make you think there’s something wrong with you- or maybe there is something wrong with other people.  You just can’t trust them.

And you head for bed, turning these things over and over in your mind, wondering why it seems so easy for everyone else and yet it’s so danged hard for you. And your heart is heavy, your soul is weary, and you are lonely.

Been there?  Me, too. Girl, I have been there and back again.

And I’m here to share with you something I’ve learned along the way. Come a little closer…let me whisper in your ear…


Over at the Project Mother Blog this week, I’m sharing a few reminders for those moments when we scroll through social media and feel like everyone else’s life is soooooo much better than ours.  Read more here:


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  1. This is so true. It’s also hard to work up the nerve to ask people to hang out. I have to remember that not everyone is as introverted as me. I enjoy staying in. I do yearn to hang out like the insta stories. The green eyed monster and doubt come creeping in. Thanks for sharing this!

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