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Five Minute Friday: Stuck

Hi, Friends!  

I know I’ve been publishing only on Tuesdays, but as part of my efforts to grow as a writer, I’m going to start participating in Five Minute Friday.  (click on the link to learn more!)

Every Friday, I’m going to join with a group of other Christian writers who write for five minutes in response to a one-word prompt and share with one another the links to what they’ve written.   This week’s word is “Stuck” 

So here goes nothin’.  Setting timer….and….

Stuck. Mired. Stranded.

With one’s feet nailed to the floor, desperate to move forward, but unable to.

There are many definitions for the word “stuck,” but that was the one that popped into my head when I first heard the word “stuck,” because that is where I see so many of the people around me right now.

We feel stuck because nothing in our life is changing.

We feel stuck as we desperately wait for an opportunity to come along, a job, a discovery, something.

We wait, lonely and discouraged, to meet the love of our lives (been there) or to become a mom.

We feel stuck as the systems fail us as we desperately wait for justice.

We feel stuck as we wait for healing that seems long overdue.

We feel stuck as we wait for our kids to grow out of whatever difficult phase has taken over our lives.

We cry out for moving forward and wonder where God is in all of it.

But God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

He is working in the heavenly realms even when our circumstances seem stagnant.

I declare that now and YELL it and POUND IT INTO MY VERY OWN HEAD because it is so hard to remember that when we are stuck, in the mired moments and the stagnant seasons.

God is always working, even when we are stuck.  He grows us in the stuckness, He uses the stuckness to bring about the things in the world around us that we need to move forward, but ALWAYS He is with us. Holding us close to his heart, working all things for our good.  Even the Stuckness.

And there’s the timer.

PHEW! I survived my first Five Minute Friday!  See you next week!


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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Stuck

  1. Do not feel guilty! I’ll be ongoing off key and a happy clam😎

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  2. Meant to text that to a different recipient- but don’t feel you feel guilty about anything either!

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  3. Something else that I am struggling with…I am stuck waiting for a different job for my husband…waiting for over a year now. I am also stuck, waiting for my child to grow out of his very difficult preteen years (just in time for the next child to enter them! Hooray!) I am sitting here, stuck, but I am not enjoying being stuck. I am just trying to make it through until I am unstuck. But, what kind of life is that? Pretty soon I will be 90 (Lord willing! or maybe not..being old doesn’t sound too fun) and I will realize that I didn’t take the time to enjoy the life that God gave me. Instead of waiting for everything to see perfect to enjoy it I need to enjoy it now, right where God has me…because He has me here for a reason!

  4. Great job Tori on your first #fmf post! Wasn’t it fun? I really enjoy it and look forward to finding out what the prompt is each week. I love your thought of “God working in the heavenly realms even when we feel stagnet”. I too, am going to try and remember that. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Cindy #fmf FB page

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