When my three-year-old daughter spies another girl at the playground, she runs right up to her and says, “WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS!”

She gets that from me.

I may exhibit a wee bit more decorum than that, as a grownup I’ve learned to temper it a bit, but the sentiment is about the same.

If you hang around me enough (and I hope you will), you’ll notice that friendship, connection, moms, and Jesus are my jam.

I want to see moms and women connected, empowered and encouraged; unburdened, unchained and unleashed.

I write weekly here on my blog and monthly over at the Project Mother blog, where I’m also the Community Coordinator.

You can also connect with me on Insta  and come on over to the Project Mother Facebook Community where you can find other moms who are just waiting to get to know you!

I make my home in the Pacific Northwest (Rip City, to be exact) with my (HANDSOME) husband, Jeff, and our two “Little Raskals.”

I’m a former elementary school teacher, lifelong singer and choir girl, prolific tea drinker, constant music-listener, avid sports-watcher, proud and RABID Oregon State alumna and fan, and Pokemon Go enthusiast.

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